• fried fish with a dip
  • irish sausage
  • smoked irish salmon


Our Pub

The pub was built at the Truwood Joinery Shop in County Monaghan, Ireland. Irish craftsmen used painstaking care and attention to every detail when designing and building the pub. Upon its completion, it was very carefully crated and shipped to the port of Galveston.

Our namesake we decided to use a bit of Irish folklore when naming the pub. We heard of an old tale about a candle maker who had been given the nickname "Waxy" because of the nature of his trade. The story goes that Waxy O’Connor lived in a flat above his candle shop. One night, there was a terrible raging fire in his shop, but somehow he managed to escape without harm. When all of the people in his town heard about what happened they couldn’t believe just how lucky he was! Everyone started interchanging the word lucky with Waxy. That is how the slang term for lucky became waxy.

After being told this story, and many other legendary tales about "The luck of the Irish", we couldn’t resist using Waxy O’Connors as the name of a truly authentic Irish pub.